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Best Affiliate Programs

Before you begin your venture into affiliate marketing, it is necessary to choose the right program for you. There are almost as many programs out there as there are products! First, you need to decide on a area of particular interest to you. What products do you know the most about and think you could do the best job of selling? Once you identify your specialty, you begin by sorting through the available merchants and examine the structure of their affiliate programs. Most programs have a minimum payout amount, meaning that you don’t receive your commissions until hitting a minimum number of sales for the pay period. You’ll also want to find out whether the programs pays you via check, direct deposit, Pay Pal or any combination of the three.

Keeping these factors in mind, here are some great places to seek out products
you can promote:

Commision Junction

Commission Junction offers the biggest Affiliate programs with advertisers such as Yahoo!, Monster, Ebay, Skype and so forth. It has an accurate tracking system to ensure that publishers are compensated for the leads they generate.Their focus is generally on tangible
products and services.


Clickbank is the leading source online for affiliates of information products like e-books, software and membership sites. It differentiates itself from other Affiliate programs because customers pay them directly. That’s how they track sales that are made.


LinkShare is relatively similar to Commission Junction because they have big name advertisers. The main difference is that they are much smaller than Commission Junction and, accordingly, have a smaller advertiser and publisher base.


Moreniche offers products in health area, like lose weight , enlarege penis and other products. Theirs commisions are very high and they are the highest paying affiliate program.


Amazon manages its own affiliate program instead of contracting that out to intermediaries.

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  1. Gak ngerti bos.
    Koq cara daftar programnya ga dibuat. Penjelasan yg mendetail jg ga ada.

    Komentar oleh fans_theblues | November 3, 2008 | Balas

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